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3D printing is something that’s being touted by many as the next big technological leap forward, with US president Barack Obama describing it as having the “potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything.” The industry is booming, and with a boom comes plenty of new jobs in the field.

Exploiting the full potential of 3D printers necessitates that 3D designer jobs are created, as these are the people who are able to translate an idea on paper into something that can pragmatically be brought to fruition using a 3D printer – people who can create the digital designs that will eventually translate into a 3D object.

3D Designer Jobs are almost unlimited!

The fields that are available to a 3D printing designer are almost unlimited; the technology will have applications in design disciplines from commercial product design to architectural visualisation – creating scale models of buildings. It will also become increasingly relevant to the medical industry, where 3D printing is already revolutionising medical device design.

The field is growing at an incredible rate right now, meaning that a well qualified 3D printing designer with plenty of experience can expect to find their services in high demand – and with 3D printers set to become a household item, that demand is only likely to grow.

It means that qualifying in the field if product design is something you’re interested in could be a canny move, giving your career a longevity that can’t be relied on in other fields. Many universities now offer specific courses in 3D printing design, allowing you to gain a professional qualification that could set you up for life!

To bag the top jobs, however, qualifications won’t be enough – to give yourself the edge you’ll also need to gain experience in the field – whether that means doing work experience with a local firm while you’re still at school or university or taking on an internship when you finish your degree to prove your dedication.

You’ll find 3D designer jobs are some of the most fun you can have whilst calling it work, so what are you waiting for?

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